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Scholarships are a great opportunity for talented children to benefit from an excellent education whilst nurturing their particular aptitude. Academic and Music Scholarships at Morrison’s Academy are offered once a year to current or new pupils entering P6, P7, or S1. Scholarships are tailored to each subject area, but broadly comprise discounted school fees, mentorship in the scholar’s chosen subject, and support and encouragement to represent the school in performances or competitions in their chosen field.

Academic Scholarships
Funding: up to 15% off full school fees, plus extra-curricular tuition in the scholar’s chosen subject.
Mentorship: ongoing support from an in-house staff mentor.
Presentation: preparation for and support to enter at least one prestigious academic competition per year individually or as part of a school team

Music Scholarships
Funding: up to 15% off full school fees, plus tuition fees for up to two instruments.
Mentorship: at least 2 masterclasses per year with visiting musicians, plus ongoing support from an in-house staff mentor.
Performance: at least 2 performances per year at a special showcase event and/or prestigious external competition.


Academic Scholarship Assessments 2017-18
Saturday 04 (external) and Monday 06 March (internal)
The closing date for registration of Academic Scholarships is Monday 27 February.

Music Scholarship Assessments 2017-18
Saturday 29 April (shortlisted candidates)
The closing date for registration of Music Scholarships is Wednesday 19 April.
Download the Music Scholarships Application Pack

To register your child for the assessments, please contact the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Catriona Elliott at ADMISSIONS@MORRISONSACADEMY.ORG