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Welcome to the Science Department.  Our aim is to encourage all pupils to develop a deep and abiding interest in and enthusiasm for the scientific world around them. We want them to develop enquiring minds where the questions Why? and How? are always at forefront of their minds.  We look to foster in our pupils an interest in the living world, the material world and the physical world and how they impact on our everyday lives.

Whether it be marvelling at the vastness of the  universe with a classroom  planetarium, spinning through time on a gyroscope or levitating on a hovercraft, students in Physics investigate the forces that affect our world and beyond.

At the other end of scale, in Biology a window is opened onto the microscopic world of cells.  Pupils delve into the unbelievable complexity of living cells, unravelling the secrets of our DNA and how it controls the incredible diversity of all life on earth. Pupils witness this biodiversity at first hand on a number of field trips and gain a better understanding of the interconnections that hold the living world together.

In Chemistry, we explore what things are made of and how they react with each other. Chemistry is part of everything we do, from growing and cooking food, to cleaning our homes and bodies, to launching a space shuttle. Pupils are engaged through the connections that are made to how Chemistry impacts on everyday lives, for example using CSI-style forensic events and examining the practical applications of Chemistry in the lab.

Our spacious, well-equipped laboratories include dedicated S6 labs for Advanced Higher practical and project work. The large teaching labs can easily accommodate demonstrations, the teaching of theory and pupil practical work. 

A large number of pupils choose to study science to certificate level, many continuing all the way up to S6. A significant proportion of these go on to study science or applied sciences like medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

I have always found Science to be inspiring – so much so that I will carry on with it for the rest of my life. 

James, S6