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Photography is offered as an S6 Higher in the Art Department and offers pupils the opportunity to explore both fine art film techniques and cutting edge digital technology. Pupils are able to explore a range of photographic genres from fashion to portraiture, urban/street photography and landscape. We are one of the few school departments in Scotland to have a large and well equipped darkroom which allows an experience akin to art school teaching. Our pupils are incredibly successful in this field with many going on to study at degree level.

A range of Canon DSLRs and high quality lenses are available for pupils’ use, while strong links fostered with the top professional photographic lab in the UK affords pupils the exciting opportunity to see their work presented in albums and gallery quality display products. There is an opportunity for pupils visit the lab as part of their course and see their pieces produced. Pupils participate in the annual departmental exhibition, enabling them to gain invaluable experience in mounting and displaying their own work in a gallery like context.  

Photography has given me the skills to use my camera confidently and has changed the way I look at the world.

Neve, S6