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Welcome to the Music Department. Our pupils perform, share, experiment, laugh, give their best and fulfil their potential. Morrison’s young musicians are forming a lifelong passion for Music. With over half of our pupils receiving instrumental lessons, and even more performing in a co-curricular ensemble, you can hear music every second of the day. The Music curriculum is a wonderful support to pupils in their musical development, encouraging them to be the best they can be. From Nursery to S6, all pupils benefit from specialist music teaching. Our young musicians really do have the experience of performing at the highest level.

We are based in the Ferntower Building where we are lucky to have facilities which are second to none: a purpose built studio, ‘The Anderson Suite’, which could rival any London-based outfit; a dedicated percussion room; the Ferntower Hall with a Yamaha grand piano; a computer suite with the latest software, and a range of teaching rooms and practice rooms which include a large selection of instruments for hire. Our inspiring team of 20 professional visiting musicians are at the heart of music-making within the department. With such an experienced and talented staff, pupils frequently achieve their Grade 8 and beyond, and many go on to study Music at a conservatoire or university. 

Whether you’re in Junior Orchestra, conquering a concerto, or representing Scotland, there’s a place for you to shine.

Libby, S6