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Modern Languages

Learning a foreign language encourages open minds and an international outlook.

Our team of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers offer French, German and Spanish in a modern, interactive setting which seeks to promote achievement and confidence.  Every pupil in Nursery and Primary enjoys weekly French language lessons.  In the Secondary School, all pupils study two foreign languages and continue with at least one until S4. We aim to help our young people achieve their linguistic ambitions whether as tourists or as a step to further study or employment. Many of our former pupils have used their language-learning skills to explore new languages beyond school.

We bring languages to life by supporting classroom learning with film viewings, plays, and food tastings.  Our courses are supported by the latest online resources which allow pupils to take responsibility for their own progress.   Pupils have the opportunity to take part in our annual language exchanges and trips, giving them the confidence, not only to speak the language, but also to experience the culture of a new land.

Languages have given me the confidence to travel to another country and not only be able to speak the language, but also to understand the culture.

Katie, S6