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In the Maths Department we aim to help each pupil achieve their full mathematical potential. With this in mind, pupils are taught in ability groupings from S1 and there are many opportunities for S3-S6 to attend supported study after school. 

We also seek to ensure that Maths lessons are enjoyable and that pupils see the practical relevance of their learning to everyday life. Pupils are encouraged to develop their mathematical skills and creativity through problem-solving and investigation.  Within each unit of study there is always a variety of approaches, experiences and activities to allow pupils to engage with the different topics. We believe strongly that actively involving pupils in their learning fosters independent thinking and informed planning.

We want all our pupils to experience a sense of achievement and we encourage them to take part in national competitions such as the Mathematical Challenge, Enterprising Mathematics and the UK Mathematical Trust Team Challenge.

My teacher finds really interesting ways to help me understand Maths. 

Lauren, S2