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“Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future”, Michael Palin

In the Geography department we seek to instil in our pupils a deeper understanding of the processes that have shaped our planet over time as well as the interaction that humans have had with our world.

Our aim is to bring the world of nature into the classroom and occasionally take the classroom out into the world around us. 

At every stage, our Geographers engage in a wide range of learning activities such as building model volcanoes or coastlines, researching and presenting findings about current world issues and travelling beyond the classroom on our many field trips.  If you look closely, you can spot our Geographers in a river in the Grampians, interviewing tourists in St. Andrews, considering the impact of changing retail spaces in Glasgow or even staring into the vast void of the Grand Canyon or smoking crater of Vesuvius. 

We live in a world where forces far beyond the control of individuals have the power to affect them.  It is the challenge of Geography to enable young people to understand the complexity of the natural world and that of man whilst at the same time equipping them with vital skills necessary in the 21st Century.

We learn amazing things about the world we live in and the information will be useful in the future. 

Ailsa, S5