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Computing Science

In the Computing Science department, we want our pupils to move beyond being gadget users to being gadget designers. To do so means learning more about the exciting world of Computing Science.

It is our prime concern that each pupil becomes digitally literate, having the necessary skills and ability to use a computer confidently, safely and effectively. 

Computing Science will ask questions like, ‘How does a search engine give me a set of results in 0.25 seconds?’, or, ‘How does file compression work?’  To answer those questions and many others will mean covering principles such as computational thinking, problem-solving, algorithms, data structures and programming.

We use Scratch, App Inventor and Python for programming, starting as early as Transition where we run the successful Code Club scheme using Scratch.  By the end of S2, our pupils will have had experience of using all three of these programming environments as well as finding out a bit more about networking and about how search engines work, as well as: getting to grips with digital imaging; learning about digital audio and creating a multi-track audio file; looking at web publishing and creating their own website; becoming more aware of Green IT, and preparing a presentation on developments in technology.

Beyond S2, pupils can study Computing Science up to Advanced Higher level.

There is plenty of scope to get involved in computing outside the classroom in our Computing Club.  There you are likely to see boys and girls working on Raspberry Pi projects, creating 3D animations, editing video, and building websites to name but a few.


I enjoy computing because I always learn new things about technology which are fun. 

Katharine, S1