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Business Management

Business and enterprise are at the core of national growth and development. In the Business Management department we aim to promote the pupils’ insight into the economic world in which they live and to equip them with the analytical and practical skills to give them a stake in the business environment. This involves fostering a spirit of enterprise, challenging pupils to think, develop and communicate their ideas effectively and put them into practice.

In S6 we run a Young Enterprise business scheme every year - an activity which our pupils find both stimulating and challenging – and pupils have performed very well in in the Strathclyde University Enterprise exam attached to the programme.  We participate in a number of other curriculum-linked competitions including The Student Investor Programme, The Coca Cola Real Business Challenge and Micro-Tyco. We also invite outside speakers for seminars to try and bring coursework into the real world as much as possible.

I enjoy BM because it develops my business skills which I hope to use in later life.

Ross, S4