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Art & Design

Welcome to the department of Art and Design. We are a thriving, well-resourced and academically successful department occupying two light filled studios commanding spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. Our experienced staff provide the perfect creative balance of a Fine Artist with a Graphic Designer, ensuring that pupils are encouraged to explore and experience a broad variety of techniques, genres and approaches.  These include drawing and painting, printmaking and ceramics, photography, textiles, digital image making and fashion. We work with pupils from Primary 6 up to S6, supporting each learner’s development from their first steps as an artist, to potentially art school entrance.

Our aim is to nurture in every pupil an understanding of Art and Design in a relevant way to the world they experience, to develop lifelong visual literacy, confidence in thinking creatively to generate ideas or problem solve and to support each individual’s creative strengths. We are extremely proud of the beautiful work which our pupils produce and celebrate this prominently in displays around the school and at our annual exhibition, which allows all pupils to participate. Pupils experience art through practice, visits from practising artists and designers and also through regular visits to galleries. You can often find beautiful pieces being created throughout lunchtimes or at our Open Studio sessions after school. 

In Art and Design I work in a totally different way – I explore my ideas and experiment. 

Neve, S6