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Careers Guidance

Morrison's Academy is committed to providing a planned programme of career education, information and guidance for all pupils.

Careers education is delivered within the structure of the school's Civics programme.


  • Personalised careers guidance and planning

  • Initial self-evaluation based on rigorous psychometric assessment, interpretation session and follow-up interview

  • Separate, interlinked personal webspaces for students and parents; online journal

  • Progressive, professional guidance, support and online resources from enrolment to 23rd birthday

The Careers Convention

  • First-hand information about careers without leaving the school

  • The first step towards selecting a college or university

  • Exhibitors represent a variety of careers, professional bodies and the armed services

  • All Scottish universities and local colleges attend

  • Secondary pupils and all parents are invited

Practical support for S5 and S6

  • Work experience

  • Guidance on UCAS applications and personal statements

  • Lectures on gap year opportunities