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We are proud of our long tradition of academic and creative excellence, combined with high-quality teaching and a wide range of subject choices, ensuring achievement for all.

Our modern curriculum, taking the best of Curriculum for Excellence, encourages pupils to achieve their academic potential in all their chosen subjects.  During Secondary School our pupils become confident, capable learners, developing a range of skills, which, together with academic success, pave the way for university entry. Firmly grounded in the strengths of a Scottish education, pupils undertake Scottish examination courses.

In S1 and S2, pupils follow a broad academic course.  We place a strong emphasis on developing the skills and experiences on which our pupils’ success is built.

During S3 and S4, pupils study 8 subjects leading to their first public examinations at National 5 level.  Heads of Year consult closely with parents and offer pupils advice on the best subject choices for them; every effort is made to accommodate these choices.

A similar process takes place in S5 and S6 as pupils select the Higher and Advanced Higher subjects that they will study by way of preparation for university.  The S6 curriculum is enhanced by the S6 Experience programme.

One of the things I felt straight away was how friendly the school was. It was like a home from home for my children from day one.

Jane Smith - Amy's Mum