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Support for Learning

Each child learns the core skills of reading, writing, spelling and numeracy with differing levels of ease and speed. Equally, children learn best in different ways. We have a dedicated team of teachers who work within the Support for Learning Department to ensure that all our pupils receive the personalised help they need to learn.

We are proud of the high quality provision available in our two colourful and comfortable classrooms, which create a friendly learning environment.  We use a wide selection of assessment tools to assist in understanding a child’s learning needs and we can signpost children to other specialist services, such as orthoptists, if required.

We value emerging reading skills, since reading is so important for educational success across the curriculum and we have extensive resources tailored to topics the children themselves have chosen.  We also offer advice on how to develop study skills and provide a calm, quiet environment within which to study.

We have a team of volunteers who help with assessment arrangements, such as scribing for exams, when a need is identified. Equally, if pupils prefer technology to support classwork, homework, study and examinations this choice can be considered.

We are often consulted to assist during the important transition stages for our pupils, from primary into secondary, and beyond into college or university. As is the case throughout our school we aim to help every child achieve their maximum potential.