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P1 - P6

Our Primary school provides a caring, happy and stimulating environment where children thrive, achieve and grow in confidence.

In our P1-P3 classes, children learn the essential building blocks of literacy, numeracy, science and thinking skills on which their future success depends. 

As the children move on into the upper stages of the Primary school the core subjects continue to be developed.  Expectations and challenges become higher as the children are introduced to a broadening curriculum.

Children benefit from specialist teaching in Art, Craft and Design, French, Home Economics, Music and PE.

In our Wow Weeks, children come together to engage in projects which provide challenging learning opportunities in which they gain self-confidence, communicate effectively and learn to respect the views of others.

The importance of play is never forgotten and our children enjoy playing in the safe, attractive school campus. There is a variety of play equipment, a quiet area with benches and tables, and a garden patch where the children grow flowers and vegetables. To challenge the more adventurous, there is an agility trail and a climbing wall.