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Our Indoor / Outdoor Learning Environment

Adventure is out there; our Nursery is so much more than four walls. 

Our purpose-built Indoor / Outdoor nursery has wide open spaces and a dedicated garden. Whether it is in the large, bright, airy rooms or the extensive grounds, children can be found absorbed in exciting collaborative indoor and outdoor learning experiences.  

At Morrison’s Academy we don't use our garden for just the messy tasks. We embrace the messy, we look for adventure; we explore and investigate and we use our outdoor space to its full potential.

Outdoor learning provides young children with opportunities to develop their soft skills; resilience, team building and problem solving are at the heart of this.  It also encourages children to be curious and inquire about the environment around them.  

Added to this are the many opportunities to explore the wider world beyond the Nursery – anything from walking in a bluebell wood to turning on the siren of the local fire engine.

Apply for a place at our Nursery. Download an application form here.  Application Form 

If you have any questions about our Nursery, please contact Catriona Elliott on admissions@morrisonsacademy.org