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Where do potatoes come from?

Friday, 22 Sep 2017

As part of our healthy eating work we asked the children where certain foods came from and luckily for us someone asked about potatoes. It just so happened that Mrs Morag Thomson had the potato harvester just next to her house for a few days so off we went to investigate. Neil lives there too so he came out to help us investigate. Neil’s daddy helped us dig up some of his harvest as the Osprey potatoes like to be deep in the ground. It was so exciting for the children to see a mound of earth opened up to revel its bounty. Once they knew this they were off digging for themselves. We brought back a bag of potatoes which we are using for our snack. We have already had wedges but we have plans for boiling them and making soup too. The harvester was huge and we saw the potatoes being dug up and then dropping into the boxes from the conveyor belt. The tractor had to move slowly next to the harvester to make sure the potatoes did not fall on the floor. We would like to thank Neil’s daddy for letting us visit his farm.