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Week 4 in Nursery

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016

We know how to make the most of our time in Nursery especially when we have such lovely weather. You can see us doing a bit of our gross motor skills program – Jungle Journey, painting, balancing, measuring, being creative both indoors and outdoors and the boys were very busy drawing out their plans for various buildings which others can be seen building to their specifications. As Niko told them- ‘You have to follow the plan!’ In French we were passing a present to practise our manners and in music we were very active as we took up the beat and marched around the Nursery. Mrs Roddick came to start measuring us and helped us with our finger-printing. With the magnifying glass we could different patterns. On Thursday, before refectory lunch, or as most of the children say –‘factory lunch’ – we had a lovely walk up into the woods and Alice’s grandma came with us. We were looking for signs of Autumn.