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Visit to Huntingtower Castle

Thursday, 02 Jun 2016

Our visit to the castle started with a bus ride and we were very excited to see all the things that we usually cannot see from a car. There were shouts of ‘lambs and I see calves’ along the way and of course we saw lots of tractors and a few diggers. The castle itself is such a huge structure for children and they immediately felt the ‘Wow’ factor. The children took part in set activities such as making a crown and dressing up and dancing as ‘Lords and Ladies’ before going off to explore the battlements. The spiral staircase to ascend the building was quite a challenge for some but on the whole they managed it very well. As you will see, we saw where they would have done their cooking, eaten their meals and made their own entertainment. The toilet was the subject of some discussion and we all agreed that we prefer our modern system!

We enjoyed exploring the grounds and the beautiful day ensured that the children had plenty of opportunity to climb trees, find places to be ‘the King of the Castle’ and make daisy chains.

We have lots of new information to share during our topic on castles and royalty.