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Scottish Ambulance Service

Thursday, 29 Sep 2016

On Tuesday, the Scottish Ambulance Service plus other members of the emergency services worked with the Nursery children on life saving CPR. The children were amazing and listened very carefully to the instructions. They tried really hard to link their hands and press down on their Teddies chests. They then moved onto the Annie type dolls for the final practice. They had to check the mouths for any obstructions and then tilt the head back before linking their hands and pressing again. The children were so excited to recall what they had done and building these life-saving skills with young children is crucial if we want adults who confidently tackle crises in the future.

The children also told me that you have to ring 999 and ask for the ambulance please and tell them where you are. They looked at the phone to see what 9 looked like and most could remember.

The children also had the opportunity to look in an ambulance and those children who came with us to the ambulance station last year could remember things like the oxygen they give you to breath – well they said ‘special air’ but that’s the same thing is it not? They recalled that the orange cast they put around you would go hard to keep your broken leg still and they the lights would flash and the siren was very loud.

An excellent learning experience for us all.