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Nursery in January

Friday, 12 Feb 2016

Here is a flavour of some of the activities we were engaged with in January. There is a separate blog to show you how we made the most of the little snow we had. Miss Herbert always makes music a fun time for us and you will see us concentrating well for Mrs Lauchlan too. Sister McLeod is a regular visitor to the Nursery where she encourages good hand washing and correct coughing techniques. We are also happy to be resuming our assemblies with Mr Robertson and various classes from the Primary School.

The new children enjoyed our Lycra work and they were helped by the older children who were only too happy to show them the right moves. Numeracy in its many forms featured highly and you can see us exploring under and over, willing on the snails to be ‘first’ as well as working on our shapes on the Smart Board.

In addition, we were painting to different music, mixing colours, model making and drawing, celebrating birthdays and Burns as well as practising our pincer grip and finding out all about guinea pigs from Mrs Armstrong. What a busy month.