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Nursery children visit Niamh at home

Thursday, 11 May 2017

On Monday we took some of the children in the minibus to see Niamh and her chickens and ducks. We were lucky that it was a lovely sunny day and we all remembered our hats and sun cream to keep safe. Niamh’s ducks and chickens live on a small hill near her house and have a veritable playground of their own. The Iridescent Indian Runner drake shone in the sunlight and the Frizzle cross cockerel made us all smile with his crazy feathers. Niamh’s daddy has lots of special transport vehicles you use when the weather or terrain is challenging and he left some out for us to explore as you will see.
We also had a play in Niamh’s garden and we loved the tree house and see-saw. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Niamh and had her lovely cup-cakes for snack in the sun. 
It was a lovely morning where we learned some new words and saw some amazing fowls. A big ‘thank you’ to Niamh and her family for inviting us.