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Nursery and P1 at Dunblane Cathedral

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2016

Historic Scotland hosted the Nursery pre-school and Primary 1 children in Dunblane Cathedral and museum. The children met Monk David who used their 5 senses to explore aspects of his life over 100 hundred years ago. We tasted a variety of foods and herbs, some of which the children had some knowledge of from home or Nursery activities. Our favourite was the sour dough bread and honey. We were able to tell the difference between apple and pear using just our taste buds so you will see us closing our eyes and holding our noses. Monks did not wash very much so we learned that they used parsley and lavender to mask the odours. Monk David also used lavender and camomile to help him sleep.

When we went to the cathedral to investigate sound and vision we all had to pretend to be boys because girls were not allowed to enter in Monk David's time. We discovered that the high ceilings and strategic placing of arches made any sounds we made much louder and other visitors were treated to a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which echoed beautifully around the cathedral. We found lots of wooden animals on the pews and these were warmer than the pillars which were made of stone. However, when we went outside we found some stone which was warm as the sun was shining on it.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were very proud to answer the questions at the end of the session  to show they had been paying attention. Monk David, who was really Lucy, was thrilled to pose for our group photos with the curator from the museum who accepted our donation with thanks.