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Loose Parts Open-Ended Resources

Monday, 28 May 2018

This week we have been using some of our 'open-ended' resources or 'Loose Parts'. These are open-ended resources that can be used in a variety of ways. Outside we enjoyed the sound and feel of the water fountain and we took our crates and built a den within the cover and shade of the climbing frame to escape the heat of the sun! Later we were learning how to use a mortar and pestle by grinding up some cornflakes. Surprisingly it was tricky work and required a level of persistence that certainly challenged a few of the children. The action was really working on both the gross and fine motor skills required for writing in the future so a very worthwhile experience.

The following day we used fresh herbs and ground them up to add a lovely smell and colour to our play dough. The basil was a firm favourite as it reminded the children of pizza. All donations of mortar and pestles will be gratefully received - we have 5 now but could do with more as the children would like to take some outside into their mud kitchen too!

'Mud and Pallets' were the key words for our play today. The effort of dragging pallets where you want them and digging in rock hard earth takes perseverance and determination. There was lots of problem-solving too so the pallets did not wobble and the planks of wood fitted just right! These are skills for the future and our children are practising them within their self-chosen play.