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Holiday Club

Friday, 19 Aug 2016

The Holiday was a great success with our children. Although we spent some time doing crafts and time in the gym playing team games and practising our ball skills the overriding preference was to be out in the community.

We spent time at the Hydro woods and joined in some of their organised activities. The local parks were a lot of fun too and the ducks at Bennybeg loved our peas and bread. The woods in Comrie gave us lots of scope for investigating water, hills and the local fauna. The children climbed steep inclines, waded through burns and splashed in the river. They netted tadpoles and newts and even a frog or was it a toad? Everyone had a great time and the holidays just went too quickly for us all!

We look forward to seeing you again during the October break from Monday 17th October to Friday 21st.