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Do our boats float?

Friday, 29 Sep 2017

We drove to Amulree to visit Niamh and her family. They have a variety of flowing water which we used to see if the boats we had designed and built would be able to float. The day was a bit misty but the sun started to shine for us. We chose a gently flowing burn which we would be able to stand in to launch our boats. Everyone had a different design and some were amazing at catching the current whilst others became grounded on the rocks. We had to be careful of the slippery rocks but no one fell in which was a bonus.

We were greeted on arrival by Niamh’s Indian Runner duck family who were quite curious about their new visitors.

It was a lovely morning filled with laughter and we are indebted to Niamh for enabling us to test our boats in such an idyllic location.