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Christmas tree farm

Monday, 07 Dec 2015

Mrs Scougall, Chloe’s mummy, helped us organise a trip to visit Mr Spurway at his Christmas Tree Farm to find a tree for our Nursery. We were lucky to dodge the wind and rain to go to Braco.

Whilst we were looking for the trees we found a small flock of Ryeland sheep which Mrs Spurway let us feed with cream crackers. They had lovely chubby faces and very soft fleecy coats. We saw where the trees were processed for the shops before walking out to find one suitable for us. There were lots of trees so it was quite tricky to find the right one. Mrs Morag Thomson was used as a measuring stick to make sure the tree was the right height. We watched our tree being cut down and wrapped in the special netting.

There was lots of mud which everyone liked so much that we had to go home without our boots on the minibus.  Mrs Thomson’s gave us piggy-back rides into Nursery so we did not spread the mud everywhere! 

We are now looking forward to decorating our tree.  A big ‘thank you’ to Mrs Scougall for the Christmas tree stand.