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Apple Scrumping

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017

The Nursery children took the minibus up a very narrow lane which opened up into a beautiful garden where Mrs Lindsay was waiting for us. She took us to her orchard where there were dozens of apples on the floor just waiting for us to pick up. The children soon filled their tubs and bags before spending time investigating the various minibeasts that love apples too. We then explored another part of the garden where a fence keeps out the rabbits and deer. We saw beetroot, cabbage and lots of parsley that looked like broccoli. There were lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse and we were surprised to see some yellow ones.

The solar panels sparked some interest but we thought we would re-visit that another time when we were thinking about electricity.

Mrs Lindsay then took us to a secret garden where we found a huge play space full of logs and sticks which is just what we love best as you will see. There were several Robins which drew the children’s eyes and they followed them around the garden as they flew from tree to tree.

It was a fabulous morning and we are now looking forward to cooking with all our apples. Thank you, Mrs Lindsay.