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At Morrison’s Academy, our beautiful purpose-built nursery and gardens are home to bright, curious and happy two, three and four year old children who are taught and supported by our dedicated and experienced team.  Our Nursery produces confident Morrisonians ready to enter Primary School.  For many, this is the start of their Morrison’s Academy learning journey. 

We ensure every Morrison’s Academy child can achieve their full potential academically, emotionally and physically in a safe, happy and motivating learning environment. 

Our Indoor / Outdoor Nursery will provide your child with a high quality foundation education. Our curriculum is focused on developing every child’s skills, personality and talents. We concentrate on health and wellbeing, communication and numeracy.  Our interdisciplinary topics include expressive arts, science, technology and the world around us.  We offer French lessons, music classes and PE from specialist teachers, to name a few. 

We know the magic of a good nursery is not just about the curriculum offered.  We focus on creating those cherished childhood moments; we encourage strong friendships that last a lifetime and we nurture a love for learning and a drive to do the best a child can from the very beginning. 

Combine our curriculum, our outdoor ethos, and our Learning for Life programme, which focuses on the ‘non-academic’ skills that young people need to succeed in the world, and we think we have found a formula for success.  

Morrison’s Academy Nursery is a Perth and Kinross Partner Provider.


Apply for a place at our Nursery. Download an application form here  Application Form 

If you have any questions about our Nursery, please contact Catriona Elliott on admissions@morrisonsacademy.org

When I leave Nursery I will have to close my eyes very hard so that I don’t cry. 

Nursery pupil