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Our dedicated and experienced staff welcome children from the age of 3 to our beautiful, purpose-built Nursery where our children are encouraged to flourish. This is the start of a journey preparing your child for the best possible future.

We believe that every day at Nursery should be an enjoyable and stimulating experience through active learning and play.  The Nursery curriculum is enriched by the dedicated Nursery Staff and the learning activities provided by specialist teachers of music, PE and French.

Whether it is in the large, bright, airy rooms or the extensive gardens, children can be found absorbed in exciting collaborative learning experiences.  Added to this are the many opportunities to explore the wider world beyond the Nursery – anything from walking in a bluebell wood to turning on the siren of the local fire engine.

Nursery Fees 2019-20

When I leave Nursery I will have to close my eyes very hard so that I don’t cry. 

Nursery pupil