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Learning for Life

‘Learning for Life’ Programme 

Our ‘Learning for Life’ programme is Morrison’s Academy’s unique skills development programme.  All pupils in Primary 1 to S6 have a weekly ‘Learning for Life’ lesson.  

Through a variety of experiences, activities and outcomes, our ‘Learning for Life ‘programme is designed to give pupils the opportunity to develop a thorough knowledge of themselves, others and the world around them.  It is hoped that by making skill learning more explicit our learners will be better able to transfer skills across a range of experience.  Therefore setting them up with the skill set to become lifelong and adaptable learners. 

At the core of our Learning for Life programme are our five values: Connected, Caring, Committed, Curious and Confident.  The programme has been designed with these in mind and while these are the important values to our school, we have all also sought to create opportunities within the programme for pupils to find their own set of personal values - to find out what matters to them and who they want to be.  

Our Learning for Life programme is built around five contexts each with the aim of providing pupils with the opportunity to develop the skills and values they need to succeed as effective learners, professionals and citizens.  

The Global Citizenship context will actively engage pupils with the world around them from a local, European and global perspective.  Pupils will be encouraged to become world citizens by exploring the complexity of issues and problems our planet faces.  Opportunities to become agents of change are key, and pupils will learn to develop attitudes and behaviours that champion responsible global citizenship, a commitment to human rights and sustainable development.

Health and Wellbeing is usually delivered by your child’s Form Teacher or Head of Year with further input from our school nurses, Sister Gunnion and Sister Livingston, and our school librarian, Mrs Mowat.  The key themes are to equip pupils with the mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing skills to cope with the demands of  21st century life; to develop pupils’ ability to navigate friendships and relationships and to encourage pupils to show respect and tolerance to others.

The Life Skills context is also delivered by your child’s Form Teacher and Head of Year  In this context we hope to help your child to better understand themselves and others; develop their ability to be creative, innovative and solve problems and to support pupils as they plan their next steps, career pathways and destinations.

The aim of The Big Questions context challenges pupils to become critical thinkers, ask questions and to be able to articulate their own set of personal values and beliefs. We support them as they develop an understanding of  different religious viewpoints while also asking them to consider their own ethical and moral choices and decisions.  We also encourage them to become active participants in the community by raising awareness of causes close to their hearts. 

Finally, lessons and activities in our Enterprise context will challenge pupils to generate ideas, collaborate, plan, design and problem solve as well as develop their leadership and communication skills.  Thereby equipping pupils with the skills to manage projects.

As pupils progress through the school they will receive lessons in each of these contexts and we will build on their experiences each year in order to support their holistic development.  Each year group has their own LFL timetable and pupils will be sent a weekly email - every Monday - advising them of any equipment they need for their LFL lesson that week and of the venue for their lesson.  Form teachers are also notified of this and will support your child in ensuring they are equipped for their weekly lesson.  As parents, you will also be sent a termly newsletter so that you can see what contexts and topics lie ahead for your child but also giving you an opportunity to ask the Head of Year any questions you might have about the content pupils will be engaging in for that term.