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Exam Results

Morrison's Academy's Solid Reputation For Academic Success Has Been Proven Again
A message from the Rector, Gareth Warren 

After an unprecedented year, Morrison’s Academy pupils achieve exceptional results again this year in their SQA qualifications and remain well above the national average. 

This year the SQA’s examinations were cancelled for the first time in history, due to Covid-19 with final exam results predominantly based upon prelim grades, assessments and coursework.

Morrison’s Academy’s solid reputation for academic performance and achieving excellent grades has been proven once again.  It is testament to the hard work of the pupils, the fantastic teaching, pupil support and diligent preparation that pupils have still achieved such brilliant results and pass rates.

The leading independent Perthshire day school achieved a 100% pass rate in their Advanced Higher results.  The overall Higher pass rate was 94%, with the S6 pupils achieving a 100% pass rate in their Highers. More than a quarter of the S5 year group were awarded 5 As and 55% of Higher passes were at Grade A. Morrison's Academy’s younger pupils enjoyed a pass rate of 95% in their National 5s.

The school’s Art and Design department once more celebrated a full set of As at all three examination levels, for the sixth year in a row, a remarkable achievement. 

Pupils celebrated an incredible 100% pass rate in Advanced Higher Art and Design, Business Management, Chemistry, English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Studies, Music, Physical Education, Physics and Spanish.

In addition, the pupils were awarded 100% pass marks in Higher Art and Design, Biology, Computing Science, Drama, French, German, History, Human Biology, Music, Photography and Physical Education. 

In National 5s 100% pass rates were awarded in Art and Design, Business Management, Computing Science, Drama, English, German, History, Physical Education and Physics. 


Level National Pass Rate Morrison's Academy 2020 Pass Rate Morrison's Academy 2019 Pass Rate 
S6 Advanced Higher  84.9% 100% 91%
S5 Higher  78.9% 94% 95%
S4 National 5  81.1% 95% 94%


Gareth Warren, Rector and Principal, said, “As a school community we are delighted with the examination results. Our pupils have shown fantastic resilience, creativity and determination to focus on their studies during remote learning and fully deserve the grades they have obtained. We are looking forward to all pupils returning in August and continuing with their new courses. For those that are moving on to University or the workplace, the strong foundation that they have established through their academic studies will provide the perfect springboard for their future paths. We wish them well.” 

Retiring Assistant Rector (Academic) Peter Lovegrove commented that “In a year like no other, which has thrown up very considerable challenges to pupils and staff, it is excellent to see the pupils maintaining the very high academic standards for which the school has always been known.”

Gareth Warren
Rector and Principal
4 August 2020