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Outdoor Education

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.” - John Muir

Outdoor education at Morrison’s Academy utilises the school’s fantastic location on the edge of majestic Highland terrain to provide our pupils with a vast array of opportunities to inspire, challenge and empower them. It also allows pupils the opportunity to discover and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

The school has a GTC-registered teacher of Outdoor Education who is also a fully qualified Mountain Instructor and Winter Mountain Leader.  Out staff also includes Summer Mountain Leaders and instructors in mountain biking, skiing, sailing and kayaking.  Over the course of the school year there are numerous trips on offer including kayaking, surfing, Munro ‘bagging’, mountain biking and skiing.  The physical challenges speak for themselves but equally, if not more important, is the opportunity for children to work with others to achieve goals, build character, resilience and to develop their full potential.

The Mountaineering Club is an important part of our outdoor education programme with children from Primary 1 upwards encouraged to become ‘Rock Monkeys’ in our bouldering room.  Pupils progress from the ‘Rock Monkeys’ into the Climbing Club and from Primary 6 onwards they have the opportunity to be coached and develop their climbing further through the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme.  Pupils can choose to compete in national climbing competitions and/or take their skills onto outdoor terrain at local climbing spot Bennybeg and beyond. The School hosts the annual Strathearn Schools' Climbing Competition.

A whole host of opportunities await pupils at Morrison’s Academy who are ready for exploration, discovery and adventure!