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Research shows that pupils’ career progression depends just as much on character as exam results – the ability to operate in a team, possess good communication skills, be willing to work hard and use imagination and initiative. Exam results matter, but many of the most important things in education cannot be measured. 

Beyond the classroom at Morrison’s Academy there are a wealth of opportunities for our pupils to expand and broaden their horizons through our co-curricular programme.  Whether they are interested in sport, debating, arts and drama, music, technology or outdoor pursuits we have something to inspire, challenge and enrich every pupil’s learning and educational experience. 

We strongly believe that encouraging our pupils to participate in a wide range of activities allows them to leave school with a variety of interests, experiences and talents.  Consequently, pupils might find themselves on stage performing in the school musical, competing on the playing field or debating in national competitions.

We share parents’ ambitions to bring out the best in their children and we are confident that at our school every pupil has the chance to participate and develop his or her skills. Learning opportunities extend to activities organised within the UK and overseas.