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The Civics programme is an innovative and unique programme at Morrison’s Academy.  It provides core learning, not covered elsewhere in the curriculum, to all pupils in P1 to S6.  The programme is designed around eight areas:  Relationships; Health; Religious & Moral Education; Outdoors; Society; Careers; Enterprise, and Miscellaneous. Through a diverse range of experiences and opportunities pupils are encouraged to develop self-esteem and self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, independence, decision-making skills and an awareness of their strengths and capabilities.

All our pupils have Civics at the same time each week. This allows for flexibility in terms of teaching groups and staffing as every teacher, including the school nurse, is involved in the delivery of the programme.  Staff expertise is often supplemented by a wide range of outside speakers, particularly in the delivery of lectures to S6.

A variety of teaching methods allows pupils to experience a range of activities.  Pupils can expect to, for example: receive lessons on sex education; take part in political debates; work together to achieve a team building task; receive lectures on higher education and career planning; learn about nutrition, sustainable development and financial education; research and compare world religions, and discuss citizenship.  We believe this leads to creating a fully rounded, aware and caring young person ready to deal with the vagaries of the modern world.