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Our School

Morrison’s Academy is a vibrant, creative and friendly school. We are located in the bustling town of Crieff, surrounded by the beautiful Perthshire countryside, which provides the perfect environment for a range of outdoor educational activities.

Our school is large enough for breadth of choice, yet small enough for every child to be known and respected as an individual. Our motto – Ad Summa Tendendum (striving for the highest) – sets the tone for all we do. 

Our pupils excel in the Scottish examination system. They can choose from a broad range of subjects combined with an extensive choice of co-curricular activities, trips and exchanges which ensure a broad educational experience. This combination is designed to ensure that pupils build skills, develop self-esteem, establish confidence and cultivate lifelong interests and friendships. When they leave at the end of S6, Morrisonians are mature individuals, who have developed that invaluable balance between confidence and humility.

Morrison’s Academy is an inspiring and exciting place for everyone to learn