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Our Vision

Our vision for the future of the school is as ambitious and exciting as the children themselves.  We want to offer them as many opportunities as possible during their school careers by providing the best facilities and making a life-changing Morrison’s Academy education available through bursary places.

We have already embarked on an ambitious programme of campus redevelopment.  Our first major initiative was the building of a purpose-built on-site nursery, which opened to great acclaim in 2013. It is a light-filled, child-friendly building, set in an exciting play wild-garden. 

Funding for the proposed developments is dependent largely on a robust and long-term fundraising programme. Our school was founded on a proud tradition of philanthropy and giving back to the school is vital to our long-term development strategy

Further plans to transform Morrison's Academy with the creation of outstanding new facilities include an academic and expressive arts campus, which will be set on our historic main site and a new sports campus, dedicated entirely to sports excellence, which will be based at our stunning playing fields at Dallerie.