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Giving Back

Morrison's Academy has a proud tradition of philanthropy.  We owe our creation to the far-sighted vision of our founder Thomas Morrison and benefactor John Smith as well as countless former pupils, parents and friends of the school. Every classroom, building and facility is here because of their generosity. 

For the school to continue to build on this foundation and heritage, we require the on-going financial support of the Morrison’s community.  You can support the school through monthly Annual Giving, Legacy Giving, the Patrons’ Programme and donating online.

Our friendly development office team work in partnership with school governors and staff, the Morrisonian Club, parents and friends to support the school through fundraising and events.  We aim:

  • to promote friendships for life throughout the world

  • to encourage a culture of giving to support the school’s vision

Do get in touch with Michelle Gardi McGregor in the External Relations Department if you would like information or to discuss supporting our school: