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Morrison's Academy's Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 Pupils Achieve Superb Results.

Tuesday, 06 Aug 2019

Morrison’s Academy’s Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 pupils achieve
superb results.

The 2019 SQA results were outstanding again this year, with Morrison’s pupils continuing to perform well ahead of the national average. In the results posted today, candidates sitting Advanced Higher exams achieved a 91% pass rate, with 59% of those at A Grade. One in four pupils achieved straight As across all of their chosen subjects.

Results were excellent at Higher, too, with S5 pupils achieving a pass rate of 95% and 43% of awards at Grade A. One in five pupils achieved straight As across their chosen subjects. The trend continues for the S4 year group, with a 94% pass rate at National 5 and one in five pupils gaining Grade As in all of their subjects.

There were a number of brilliant success stories in individual subjects, too. Art students and Art department are celebrating a flawless performance, with a clean sweep of A Grades across all three levels. The Advanced Higher French, Modern Studies and Physical Education pupils celebrated an incredible 100% A Grade pass rate. The English department also celebrates 100% passes at Advanced Higher, with an incredible 100% at National 5 level. In Maths, 89% of Advanced Highers and 69% of Highers awarded were As or Bs.

Level  National Pass Rate  Morrison's Academy Pass Rate 
S6 Advanced Higher  79% 91%
S5 Higher  74.8% 95%
S4 National 5  78.2%



Rector Gareth Warren said, “I’m extremely proud of today’s results. Morrison’s Academy has a long history of high academic achievement; these outstanding results are a culmination ofyears of hard work and dedication by our pupils, superbly supported by the staff at Morrison’s Academy. It is wonderful to see a continued improvement across the board for pupils, whatever their academic choices, and I’m particularly pleased that their effort and hard work has been rewarded. We look forward to welcoming back our pupils and celebrating their achievements. For those that are moving on to universities or the next stage in their lives we wish them every success."