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Morrison's Academy - Ready for Anything

Wednesday, 01 Jul 2020

Morrison’s Academy is Ready for Anything in August 2020

Morrison’s Academy is looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school, daily from 19 August 2020. They have a ready for anything ethos; an innovative and supportive team and plans in place for any eventuality.  The school has been diligently planning their pupils' return to school, in line with current Scottish Government advice. 

The school’s priority is balancing an exceptional education with the health, wellbeing and safety of its community. Pupils will return to full timetables and where possible participate in co-curricular sports and activities.

The school's confident approach towards the next academic year is testament to their positive spirit, flexible attitude and determination to continue delivering the stable and consistent, well rounded education that they are known for. 

This confidence stems from three distinct factors, the school's spacious grounds, smaller class sizes and well established remote learning capability.

Constructed in 1860, Morrison’s Academy has a generous open campus, which provides space for pupils to grow.  The outdoor spaces, dedicated outdoor classroom and the school’s proximity to the Highland hills provides a rich environment for their Forest School and Outdoor Activities and Adventures programme. 

With a roll of approximately 500 pupils, families benefit from a personalised education in an environment where class sizes are kept small.  The facilities and small by design strategy allows the school to be ready for anything whether that's a 2m, 1.5m or 1m social distance.  

The school’s successful virtual learning environment enabled pupils to continue to flourish during lockdown. The school used a variety of channels, as well as remaining connected via virtual social activities, adding fun to remote learning days. 

Whatever stage of lockdown the nation is in, Morrison’s Academy will provide stability in change, and ensure that the needs of their pupils and community are the focus.