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Morrison's Academy pupils use their collective voices to send a plea - it's time to save the world. 

Tuesday, 09 Nov 2021

On Friday 5 November, 136 Morrison’s Academy Primary pupils gathered together, ready to take action in hope that the world will listen to their plea for change.  Morrison’s Academy Primary School was chosen as the first school to be filmed singing the remake of the Band Aid Song fittingly renamed, ‘Action Time’. It is hoped that many schools will be involved and join the plea. 

With the eyes of the world on Glasgow for COP26, businesswoman Georgie Delaney; MBE and music teacher Rebecca Hall obtained permission from Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to rewrite the famous song, ‘Feed the World’’ and have approached schools to help share the reworked song’s poignant new message. 

Midge Ure, supporting the project via his LinkedIn feed said, “I’m honoured to be a tiny part of this.” 

Former Morrison’s Academy pupil, Ewan McGregor, has also shown his support by singing a few lines of the song and saying “I hope we the adults can address the climate situation, so that our children can continue to go to school and be children and we leave them a better, cleaner world to inherit.”

Morrison’s Academy Primary School became involved in the project as Georgie Delaney’s son, Brandon, a devoted climate activist, attends the school.  Brandon’s love for the planet was nurtured last academic year when he set up www.savetheplanet.academy as part of a school project. 

Georgie Delaney, MBE, co-founder of The Great Outdoor Gym Company, said “My first ever memory was Live Aid in 1985. Bob Geldof drew people into action then through music. I believe we need his spirit now, not for the children but for the grown-ups to act now. Politicians, business people, organisations, schools, families, we all need to live more sustainably. We have under a decade to do this to prevent irreversible damage and there is no time to waste.”

On Friday 5 November, the pupils were filmed signing and singing the new lyrics at Morrison’s Academy’s campus, Crieff, where the hills and mountains served as their backdrop. The pupils stood together as a school community with the hope that their collective voices would be heard.  The lyrics were poignant, “Save the world, stop the talk, let's start the action, save the world, children all deserve a future.”

Miss Morven Bulloch, Head of the Primary School said, “Our pupils are taught to think independently and are encouraged to be empowered and take on the world.  In class they have been learning about climate change and why COP26 is such an important event.  When the school was approached with this opportunity, we were delighted to be involved.  Our Primary pupils sang their hearts out, they want to be heard and make a difference. They want to be the agents of change and encourage other pupils and schools to use their collective voices.”

At Morrison’s Academy, sustainability is a whole school priority. Mrs Gillian Lauchlan, Primary Three teacher at Morrison's Academy, is taking the lead on the school’s Learning for Sustainability initiative, which plays a key role in the school’s 5 Year Strategic Plan. 

Mrs Lauchlan said, “I was delighted to be asked to develop and lead Learning for Sustainability in the Primary School as it is so important for schools to help children appreciate what it means to be a Global Citizen, minimising their impact on the planet and ensuring that everyone in the world is treated fairly.  The opportunity for the children to learn and perform this song has been exciting and a privilege: such a wonderful starting point on our Learning for Sustainability journey.  The song allows the childrens' voice to be heard in a peaceful yet highly powerful way.“ 

Morrison’s Academy, a green flag school, has taken an active interest in COP26. As well as performing in the music video, the Primary pupils have written letters to Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon, asking them to ‘stop the talk and take action now.’

Video Link 

The ‘It's Action Time,’ video can be watched via this link https://youtu.be/oF_XSYPlU1w