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Morrison's Academy Primary, Ready for Anything.

Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021

Morrison’s Academy Primary School is an inspiring, kind and joyful place. Happy children learn in bright, colourful classrooms where the foundations of future academic success are built. Within our Primary School walls, skills are honed, talents are discovered and confidence is instilled within each child. Our small by design class sizes enable us to guide every child in their formative stages of learning. 

Our Primary School is a Scottish Curriculum for Excellence school which allows us to follow a structured curriculum and use core benchmarks to inform our planning and assess progress, especially within Literacy and Numeracy. We supplement our pupils’ education with a wide range of programmes such as our Outdoor Activities and Adventures programme, our unique Learning for Life programme and our STEM programme.

Being an all-through school, our youngest pupils join Nursery at 2 years and our oldest leave school at 18 years, has many benefits. Our Primary School draws on the skills and expertise of our Secondary School colleagues, who are happy to have eager young minds in their classrooms, sports halls, and laboratories. Primary 1, enjoy weekly PE, Music and STEM tuition from specialist teachers. From Primary 5 we introduce specialist teaching in Home Economics, Art and Design and French. When pupils enter Primary 7, which we call Transitional, the majority of their subjects, excluding Literacy and Numeracy, are delivered by Secondary School staff, providing a seamless transition into Secondary 1. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, our Primary School has continued to enjoy the benefits of being an all-through school. Our successful Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) enables pupils to continue to flourish during lockdown or while they are shielding. Being a Google school, we have the infrastructure in place to swiftly move online. Our Primary teachers and pupils use the online platforms with ease and education continues uninterrupted. Lessons continue through a mixture of virtual classrooms, face to face online meets and pre-recorded sessions.  The Primary pupils even enjoy online birthday parties, virtual MA family challenges, bake-offs and competitions.

Whatever stage of lockdown is to come next, Morrison’s Academy is ready to continue offering a well-rounded education, providing stability in a time of change while keeping the school community at the heart and the child at the focus. Most importantly, our pupils will continue to experience the joy of learning and all the opportunities Morrison’s Academy has to offer.