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Morrison's Academy - Preparation + Confidence + Support = Happy and Successful Pupils

Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021

Morrison’s Academy’s priority is balancing an exceptional education with the health, wellbeing and safety of its community. 

During lockdown, all of our pupils continued their lessons virtually, using the school’s successful Virtual Learning Environment.  Live, online lessons enabled pupils to continue to follow their timetables and learn during lockdown, while our passionate, innovative teachers used a variety of channels to deliver lessons, keep pupils engaged and make sure all pupils were on track with their coursework. 

All S4-S6 pupils completed a three-week block of exam assessment in all subjects.  Pupils are undertaking further assessments during the Summer Term. 

Pupil’s positive spirits, flexible attitudes and the success of the school’s online platforms, where academics and pastoral support was balanced, means that each pupil is confident and prepared for their assessments. 

Partaking in a phased return to campus, S1-S3 pupils enjoyed a combination of remote learning, in school learning and two days a week of Outdoor Activities and Adventures.  The Outdoor Activities included sports camps, bushcraft, canoeing, climbing, hiking and team challenges.  This programme offered plenty of fresh air, a chance for pupils to catch up in person and an important break from screens.  This gentle reintroduction to campus life was welcomed by pupils and parents alike. 

The noise, buzz and very happy faces around campus, are proof of a very positive welcome return to campus.