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Be Curious and Dream Big at Morrison's Academy Primary School

Wednesday, 03 Feb 2021

When our latest lockdown was announced at the end of 2020, Mrs Clark, our Primary 4 teacher considered how she could keep her pupils excited about learning in the New Year when they knew they were returning to school remotely.  She asked her pupils to send her their ‘Big Questions’.  Mrs Clark wasn’t sure what she would receive so she also planned a programme of guest speakers who had gone on big adventures.  

One of Morrison’s Academy’s school values is ‘Curiosity’ and her pupils' curious minds did not disappoint. Their questions were both varied and interesting.  Archie wanted to know, “What is going on in the Amazon rainforest?” Aoife wondered, “If Covid-19 would ever end?”  Esme was curious as to “What life was like in Saudi Arabia?” Jock asked, “What will future cars look like?”. The list went on.  

We reached out to the school community using our social media channels and Mrs Clark contacted numerous organisations to help answer the children’s questions and find some adventurers. 

Mrs Clark arranged experts and professionals to join the class in live meets, so the pupils could ask their questions directly.  To date, they have enjoyed presentations and discussions from an earthquake expert in Japan, two members of the Expedition 5 Team, a Marine Engineer, an RNLI volunteer, a Polar Explorer and a McLaren Car Designer. 

Speaking to and learning from experts, the pupils have discovered unconventional career paths, how important it is to use their imaginations, be innovative and persevere. While each topic has been very different, the common denominator from each speaker has been their passion and excitement, bringing energy to our pupils, encouraging them to be curious and dream big.