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Pupils raise over £10,000 for charity and understand the value in experiences

Friday, 29 Oct 2021

During the October break, 14 Morrison’s Academy pupils undertook a journey of a lifetime in an Across Scotland Challenge, travelling from Montrose to Spey Bay by foot, bike and canoe.  

The eight-day expedition saw the pupils, all aged 13 -15 years, challenge themselves physically and mentally as they covered difficult terrain in typically Scottish weather. The team travelled a total of 355 kilometres on land and water; cycling 226 kilometres, hiking 32 kilometres, canoeing 98 kilometres and camping all the way. 

Lewan, one of the S3 pupils participating in the expedition said, “The journey was really challenging but I knew, if I can do this, I can do anything. We all kept each other going which made the difficult days far easier.”  

The pupils also set a philanthropic goal for their expedition, setting a fundraising challenge of £5,000 for the Charlie Waller Trust, one of the UK’s leading mental health charities for young people. 

The pupils' were not disappointed, on completing their challenge they were delighted to learn that they had smashed their £5,000 target and raised over £10,000. The Trust were delighted and sent a personal thank you to the team. 

Clare Stafford, CEO of the Charlie Waller Trust, said, “We are immensely grateful to the pupils of Morrison’s Academy for taking on this extraordinary challenge. The fact that they were prepared to do this really underlines the commitment of both the individual pupils and the Academy to young people’s mental health.”

The pupils truly lived up to the school's values of commitment, confidence, care and connection and the school’s motto, Ad Summa Tendendum - ‘Strive for the Highest.’