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Phase Six of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) is currently underway.  Phase Six focuses on children who were in care in Scottish Boarding Schools. 

SCAI was established in 2015 to inquire into cases of historic abuse of children in care in Scotland and to raise public awareness of this.  To date, the Inquiry has looked at care providers including religious organisations, trusts, charities, local authorities as well as the public bodies which supervised and inspected the care providers including local and central government and health boards.  

Morrison’s Academy was notified in 2017 by the Inquiry that the school would be part of the investigation into historic allegations of abuse in Scottish Boarding Schools.  Morrison’s Academy was a boarding and day school between 1860 and 2007 and is among a number of schools across Scotland that was contacted by the Inquiry.  

Since 2017 Morrison's Academy has supported the important work of the Inquiry and has engaged fully with the Inquiry at all stages. 

During the course of preparation for the Inquiry the Investigation team, led by Lady Smith, publicly urged former pupils and staff of boarding schools to come forward and share their experiences.  In full support of the Inquiry we also communicated with our former pupils and staff to give them the opportunity to participate in the Inquiry.  Morrison’s Academy wishes to thank those members of our community who came forward and assisted the Inquiry with its proceedings and acknowledge that this must have been a difficult thing to do.

Morrison’s Academy is fully committed to supporting our former pupils and helping the Inquiry in its investigations.  Morrison’s Academy is also committed to learning from the past and ensuring the continued welfare and safeguarding of our pupils.

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