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Morrisonian Club

The Morrisonian Club aims to support the school, maintain existing bonds and forge new links between current and former pupils within the extended school community, by encouraging FPs to share advice, opportunities and experiences with current pupils, students and professionals at all stages of their life - wherever they may be in the world.

Our team is always interested in hearing from you and can help you to reconnect with friends, so please get in touch with us at morrisonianclub@morrisonsacademy.org or by telephone on 01764 657195.

Meet the Morrisonian Club President, Sheila Dunbar (1974) 

Sheila's time at Morrison's Academy began in Croftweit, as a day pupil travelling on the bus from Comrie.  She later became a boarder in Newstead when her tea planter father came home from India.  She was Head Girl of Newstead in her final year, also the last year that Newstead was a Boarding house for Morrison's Academy.  

After leaving school in 1974, Sheila completed a degree in Human Biology at the University of Surrey, which included training to be a nurse with placements at St George's Hospital in London.  Sheila went on to work as a nurse with older people in a variety of care settings in England and Scotland with a move to Higher Education in 1996.  Sheila joined Prestige Nursing in 2011 and has worked as the Regional Nurse and Regional Trainer for Scotland since 2018.

Sheila has been involved with the Morrisonian Club for many years and is honoured to have been appointed the Club's President.  

Meet the Morrisonian Club Vice President, Miranda Powell (1993) 

Miranda joined Morrison's Academy in Miss McGregor's Primary 2 class in 1981 and stayed until the end of S6 in 1993 going on to university.  Miranda currently works for Perth and Kinross Council in Education and Children's Services and lives in Crieff with her family.

Miranda has been an active member of the Morrisonian Club since 2015 and is honoured to be the Club's Vice President.

Morrisonian Club 2021 AGM

The Morrisonian Club 2021 AGM is scheduled for Saturday 12 June 2021.  This is being held as a virtual Zoom event, if you would like to attend please email morrisonianclub@morrisonsacademy.org and request an event invitation.

The Morrisonian Club AGM 2019 Minutes

The Morrisonian Club Accounts - 2019 / 2020 

The Morrisonian Club Accounts - 2020 / 2021

The Morrisonian Club Constitution