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Why attend a Morrison's Academy Open Event?

Morrison’s Academy prides itself on providing personalised education to every child.  Our pupils strive for their highest with outstanding academic teaching, unique and progressive learning programmes and varied co-curricular activities for all to enjoy.  We ensure, whatever year group your child joins, they are prepared, confident and most importantly, happy at school.  

One of the best ways to learn about Morrison’s Academy is to attend one of our Open Events.  Maybe...

- You are looking to learn more about Morrison’s Academy? 
- You are contemplating a move to Perthshire? 
- You are interested in learning what a private day school could offer your child? 
- You already know Morrison’s Academy and are looking to start your admissions journey

Regardless of your reason, these events are designed to help answer your questions and provide a unique window into our school and community.

Our Open Events are designed to enable prospective families to: 

- Gain an insight into life at Morrison’s Academy understand our culture and curriculum 
- Meet the team and members of our wider community 
- Ask the questions that you need answers to 
- And most importantly, assess whether Morrison’s Academy is the right school for your child and family 

Sign up for our Open Events here