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We are very aware of the cost to our parents of independent education and, with that in mind, we believe we provide excellent value for money through our small class sizes, highly skilled teaching staff and provision of co-curricular activities and educational visits. Every effort is made to limit fee increases to the minimum necessary whilst still maintaining the high quality of education provided for all pupils at Morrison’s Academy. 

Tuition Fees pdf

Fee assistance and bursaries

We firmly believe that every talented child should be able to receive a Morrison’s Academy education and all the benefits and opportunities it presents.  Consequently, a number of bursaries (financial support allocated to those families who are not able to meet the full cost of a Morrison's education) are means-tested and awarded each year. The Board of Governors is committed to supporting deserving pupils through means-tested financial assistance but, having no significant financial endowments, the School has limited resources from which it can offer such support. A range of factors is considered in making the awards and there are no statutory rules  As a result, the level of support can vary considerably and range from a small contribution to, in some cases, 100% of the full fee.  

In all cases, the assistance is determined by the extent of financial need and, to allow this to be assessed, applicants are required to complete an application form which provides information on the family and documents total income and capital assets. In exceptional cases full fee awards may be available, but normally awards tend to be in the range of 20% to 65% of the tuition fee. In this way, Morrison's Academy strives to ensure that financial assistance is used to widen access to the School and to assist the greatest number of parents who require support.

Who can apply?

Awards are available to new pupils at all stages of Primary and Secondary. These are principally determined by an analysis of the family's financial position to identify what level of assistance may be required.  They are, however, also dependent upon the availability of funds at the time.

Applications will also be considered from existing parents who have experienced a change in financial circumstances, such as loss of income or bereavement, which threatens the pupil's continued attendance at Morrison's Academy

Other scholarships and bursaries

The School also maintains a number of restricted funds held for special purposes in connection with the development of the School's facilities as well as for scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other educational purposes.  Currently between four and six academic scholarships are awarded annually to members of S5, who intend to study Advanced Highers, on successful completion of an examination and interview.