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Staff Team


Rector - Mr A J McGarva

Depute Rector - Mr D J Johnston

Assistant Rector - Miss E McCormick

Assistant Rector - Mr C Nicoll

Head of Primary - Miss M Bulloch

Head of Early Years - Mrs N Connelly

Head of External Relations - Mrs M McGregor

Head of Finance - Mrs T Totten

Head of Operations - Mrs M Butler

Art & Design
Ms P M O'Neill
Miss G D McLaren
Miss E Hamilton (Temporary)

Mr N Gwynne
Miss C Piggott

Business Studies
Mrs A Dunphie
Miss S Anderson

Mr M McKeever
Mrs S J Steven

Computing & IT
Mrs P A Y Boal

Ms L Kirk

Early Years
Miss N Christie
Mrs G Mills
Ms A Senior
Mrs C Senior
Mrs M Thomson

Mrs L McNaughton
Mrs G Marshall
Mrs L Staines
Mrs R Vevers

Mr A J Wylie
Mr J R Anderson

History/Modern Studies
Mr M J Clayton
Miss H Rowan
Mr D J Johnston
Ms N Bales

Home Economics
Miss E Constable

Learning Support
Mrs K Fetter
Mrs R Blake
Mrs G Wilkie
Mrs J Corbett
Ms K Grassick 

Mr I K O Barnett
Mr A M Jack
Mrs J McConville

Modern Languages
Mr A Fynn
Mrs K Buick
Mrs E Candlish
Ms M Nimmo

Mr P Kennedy - Director of Music
Mrs S Smart
Mrs P Benbow
Mr F Walpole
Mrs N Deeth - Music Administrator

Outdoor Education 
Mr D Sanderson

Mrs L S Anderson
Mrs C Armstrong
Mrs W Clark
Mrs M Douglas
Mrs G M Lauchlan
Mr B Leadbetter
Mrs B Kemp
Mrs C Robertson
Miss J Swarbrick
Mrs A Peock - Primary School Secretary

Physical Education
Mr S G Weston - Director of Sport
Mr L Howell
Mrs J C Lee
Mr A Dodge
Mrs D J McMillan
Mr A Sutherland 

Mr F S Black
Mr R J Armstrong


Admissions Registrar

Mrs C Elliott

Mrs J Neill - Head of Catering
Mrs A Garrow
Mrs B Smith
Mrs A Allan
Mrs D Lamont

Ms V Paul 

Cleaning Staff
Mrs P Boyle
Mrs J Davidson
Mr D Johnstone
Mr K Jozwiak
Mr M Kahn
Mrs C Klewikowska
Mrs I Kret
Mrs A Majewska
Mr M Majewski
Miss B Mowat
Mrs K Wood
Ms R Elder
Ms A Lopez-Plaza

Mr G Chater
Mr J Clark
Mr D Robertson
Mr M Sweenie
Mr R Wilson
Mr S Webster

External Relations
Mrs O Janeczko

Mrs M Speak
Mrs L Brickell

Mr S Ollerenshaw - Head Groundsman
Mr A Gibb

IT Services
Mr I Cullen
Mr A Speak

Mrs G Mowat

Mr M Berrich
Mr J Clark
Mr T Scott
Mr M Thompson

Operations Officer
Mrs A Currie

Rector's PA
Mrs A Connell

Reception - Front of House
Mrs K McKeggie
Mrs M Wright

School Nurse
Sister K Gunnion
Sister N Livingston

School Secretary
Mrs L Goold

Science Technician
Mrs E Roddick

Services Manager
Mr G Gray

Wraparound Care
Mrs L Mackay
Mr I Mackenzie
Mrs D Nicoll