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School Governors

Our Board of Governors works together with staff and parents to develop the high quality of education associated with Morrison’s Academy.  The Board can call on a wide range of expertise and experience to shape the future of the school. View our list of Governors below:

  • Mr Landel Johnston (Chairman)

  • Mr Peter Brodie MA MA(Ed) PGCE

  • Mrs Linsey Butler

  • Mr David Cloy MA (Hons) DipAA

  • Mr Peter Cook BSc (Hons) PGDip

  • Mr Colin Dolby MA CA

  • Mrs Karen Elwis BA (Hons)

  • Mr Andrew Godfrey BSc CA

  • Dr Helen Purchase, PhD, MBA, FBCS, SFHEA

  • Mrs Joanna Morrow MA PGDip

  • Mr John Stewart BA CFCIPD

  • Clerk of Governors Mrs Claire Adams LLB (Hons) Dip LP NP