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About Us

Morrison's Academy, Crieff, is the leading independent day school in Perthshire for boys and girls aged 2 to 18. We are a learning community where all staff, pupils and their families have a role to play. 

Our team of dedicated professionals deliver high quality education in innovative and creative ways to include all learners. Consequently, teachers and pupils hold each other in high regard.

Parents, who are encouraged to have a keen involvement in their children's progress, often comment favourably on this atmosphere of mutual respect. This is further enhanced through the extensive range of co-curricular activities, where the fostering of team spirit and development of individual talent are of paramount importance.

Situated in Crieff, the centre of rural Perthshire, Morrison's Academy has one of the most beautiful locations of any school in Britain. The stunning mountain scenery provides the backdrop for the school and offers outstanding locations for outdoor learning.